Orientation For Heaven

16 Aug

August 16, 2016

I begin to understand things more and more clearly. Such as i understand why it was so easy to defeat the enemies of God. I thought they might be worthy opponents, but instead, all of God’s enemies are inbreds! LOL! No wonder it is so easy to defeat them. What a bunch of idiots and fools. Now i know why God only sent one guy to defeat them – that’s all He needed! LOL! God told me that all He needed to do was send one Native American warrior to defeat them all. Then He gave me 5.

I mentioned that timing is everything. For example, if your timing is incorrect, your engine will not run properly, if at all. It’s critical. We don’t learn everything at once, but in the proper order. But in due time, all will be revealed. Everything we will understand. So we don’t need to wish for understanding for all things, yet. Better to wish for patience to wait until the time when all things will be revealed.

I began wondering if there is School when we go to Heaven. We being small childrens probably just can’t get turned loose in Heaven when we first get there. I don’t know. I have no idea.


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