Famous Zombie KIller

16 Aug

August 16, 2016

I mentioned before that all inbreeds are inferior in some way, even if they look normal. As it turns out, all inbreeds lose the capability of what we would consider “spirituality”. INbreeds don’t have this capacity. Therefore, they don’t have a conscience and they only do things for personal gain. That’s it. Without regard for others. That’s why they don’t believe in God and disobey God and profane His Name – they are incapable of feeling love for God or others, only for themselves. That’s why there exists so much terrorism in some places. Because you have huge masses of inbreeds that go around committing terrorism because they have no conscience, and no souls. They don’t have the capability to “know God spiritually”. All they know is whatever rhetoric their “spiritual leader” puts before them and tells them to do. And this is what they will do, blindly. That’s all they are capable of doing. They just don’t know any better. Their brains are damaged, and that is what causes them to hate, and to be unable to control their hatred. I guess along with eating flesh, this is another way they are exactly like zombies.


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