Do You Have Ears To Hear?

16 Aug

August 16, 2016


Now i am learning to understand about inbreds. There’s a lot  more of them around than people realize. Even though they appear to be “normal” they are not normal. As i mentioned, instead of loving their brothers, they hate them. That’s the first giveaway to these inbreds. Even though they may appear to have “friends”, inbreds don’t know what “friendship” is. What they do is band together with like-minded criminals such as themselves. They are not “friends” to each other, they have “mutual criminal aid” to each other. They say if i get caught doing crimes, you help me, and likewise i will help you commit crimes. That’s not friendship. That’s mutual criminal aid.

Also these inbreds will marry and appear to be mostly “normal”. Although they want to marry you because they love themselves, not because they love you. The biggest way you can spot these inbreds is by their greed. They only think of themselves. This is the biggest giveaway of these inbreds – total, complete selfishness. Everything for me, at any cost to others. When it comes to others, if they don’t swear mutual criminal aid to them, then they hate them. Mostly these inbreds are afraid of punishment and this mostly keeps them from breaking the laws. But they are the type of people who will break the laws if they think they can get away with it. If they think no one is around and not looking, then you can get them on the game camera. Because they don’t have a conscience that tells them not to commit evil crimes and hate people. These are not “people”. They are worse than animals.

Some people just don’t have any grip on reality. Some don’t have any common sense, it seems. I heard about one guy who didn’t pay his cable bill for so long they finally shut off his cable. The guy was so mad he called them up and yelled at them and cussed at them for shutting off his cable. But it was his own fault he didn’t pay the bill. He is incapable of realizing that and understanding that it’s his own fault they shut it off. These people are senile. These are some seriously Fu*(&)*&ed  up people.


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