LOve Your Brothers Or Go To Hell

14 Aug

August 14, 2016

MOre and more i am convinced that the book of ‘revelation’ is a jewish fable, written by the jews. Take Chapter 7, for example. Those tribes of ancient Jews no longer exist. Those people were scattered and ceased to exist as a people two thousand years ago. God does not give favoritism to any. Above all, God is Ultimately Fair. But also, much of that book doesn’t even make sense. Such as Chapter 20 verse 13 says that hell gave up her dead so they could go and be judged. If they were already in hell, they were already judged. People who go in to hell never come out. Ever. Also chapter 9 verse 6 says that men will pray for death and not receive it. God would never tell us such things as these. Nowhere else in the Bible do we read such nonsense as some of this is. I think it’s total BS. I have a New Revelation. A ten headed beast rose up out of the  sea and then he got his ten heads cut off and quite a few boot marks in his postierer region. ONe of the things that we use to discern the Truth is our common sense. Scripture must pass the common sense test, or else we know it isn’t from God. If it’s from man it’s total BS.

Before i mentioned that it’s very easy to defeat the enemies of God. They defeat themselves. They are like a small child who you tell not to touch something hot, and they disobey and touch it anyway. They are like a small child who you tell don’t do that, or you will be sorry, and they do it anyway. But one of the problems i see is that people don’t believe in God anymore. The big reason for this is because people abuse God’s Name so much it loses it’s meaning. So instead of thinking of God, and being holy, when people say God’s name, they say it so much that after awhile it loses all it’s meaning and just becomes a cuss word to them. Then when people mention God, all they think of is cuss words. It’s also like when small children misbehave and their parents warn them that they need to obey or they are going to wish they had never been born. When people  say this, it has very little meaning, or none. But when God says it, He means it. It’s completely True. I am not talking to hear my head rattle. You need to learn to use your head for something besides a hat rack. When God says something such as you will wish you had never been born, it is always True. I try to help people, but if people won’t listen to me, i can’t help them. Everyone can be saved, but if people want to destroy themselves, no one can stop them. Those people will end up just like Jesus said, spending Eternity wishing they had never been born.



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