Blood Eaters

14 Aug

August 13, 2016

I was thinking about a few things. Jesus taught us that “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. In other words, whoever is without sin is able to judge another. But all men have sinned and are therefore unable to judge one another. Also Jesus said that the “prince of this world cometh for Me, but he has nothing on Me”.  Now i understand that means that Satan had nothing he could blame  on Jesus. Jesus was sin free. Even when Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus still did not sin. Jesus was perfect, and He was without sin. He had to be, in order for Him to stand and judge mankind. Jesus lived a perfect life, completely sin free. He was without blemish.

Also Jesus was different from me in another way, and that was Jesus performed works. Jesus healed people, raised the dead, did all sorts of miracles. I can’t do any miracles. If anything happened, such as a Rainbow, or something like that, it has to be from God. Trust me, i am not going to try to steal God’s Thunder. That would be very foolish. Then people would say OK, make a Rainbow, and i couldn’t do it. But Jesus had miracles that he told the people if they don’t believe in Jesus, then at least believe in the works that His Father did, through His hands. That’s the same thing that i say. You don’t have to believe me, but you need to believe Scripture and the works that God does. I tell you these things not to destroy you, but so that you can live.


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