12 Aug

August 11, 2016

Before i mentioned that in 2013 i couldn’t understand why Scripture said so few will be saved. But now , four years later, i understand perfectly why. The people of this world today hate their brothers, they hate the animals, and they hate God. You can’t get any more evil than that. These people are going to hell because they deserve to go to hell. Men can either be full of love or full of hate, and those full of hate are no good for anything except to be burned in Fire. After seeing it first hand, i understand perfectly clear. When i went to the christian church and they proudly proclaimed that they were all hypocrites, and they spent two hours entreating me spitefully. Oh how they rejoiced at entreating me spitefully! Now when this is the condition of the “church” you can imagine the rest of the world is about as evil as it can possibly get. And even when you tell these evil people about God, they refuse God. Sometimes i feel like i live in Sodom and Gomorrah. Only i think it’s worse here than either of those places.

I have been thinking about Scripture telling us that the end days will fall like a “snare on the entire world”. I was thinking that when God wants to catch a rat, He sets a trap for the rat. God will put a little bait out there, and sure enough, a rat will get in the trap. I believe God may also set traps for men. Scripture tells us that God lets man believe lies, and thus deceive his ownself. In a way, that is a trap. God may set a trap for people by sending servants that those people would never suspect was really from God. People might think “Oh God would never send someone like that to tell His Message”.  Because people pay attention to the messenger rather than the message. The messenger is irrelevant. But however God works, i have seen up close and personal how evil the world has become. In fact, it’s so evil i even told God if He needs any help throwing those evil people in hell, i would be willing to do it. I want to help animals and little children and people, and so i want to help get rid of everything that is evil. It needs to be done. Someone needs to do it. It might as well be me. I am not afraid to get my hands a little dirty. They will wash up just fine.


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