Evil Sicko Perverts

12 Aug

August 12, 2016

One of my missions here is to destroy the enemies of God. My job is to kill ’em with kindness. And so that’s what i do. It can’t be stopped. It cannot be denied. It’s already been completed.

One of the funny things in my line of work is when i read about the talking ass in Scripture. Those people sure were surprised when the ass talked to them!  Before i mentioned that who ever God sends for a messenger is irrelevant. God could have made a talking ass deliver His Message. IN a way, He did. He sent me. It’s very funny, because the people made fun of the talking ass, but the talking ass made a fool out of all those people. It’s very ironic.

I thought about people who kill God’s animals for profit. They say to themselves, Let’s take that animals life, then we’ll sell it’s body for a profit. With the profit we can go buy a bottle of liquor then go home get drunk and tickle our penises. How much more selfish can people get, than to kill others just out of greed? I tell you this, that any person who takes the life of any living creature needlessly is a thief. That life was not yours to take. That is not the reason God created animals for. A thief, and a murderer, callous, careless cold-blooded murderer who will never see Heaven. No, they are going to wish they had never been born. People who abuse God’s animals will live to regret it.


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