Evil Haters

11 Aug

August 11, 2016

Now let’s say you adopt a child who is 5 years of age. That child already lost his father, and his mother and his home. Then he was put in another home with his 7 brothers and sisters. After that, he was adopted and lost 5 brothers and sisters and another home. How would you treat that child? What would you do? According to my adopted parents what you do with that child is whip it. You whip it and i heard my adopted dad say it takes about a year of whipping and then the kids will do whatever they say.  They would whip me for talking about my brothers and sisters and they told me never to talk about them again. They tried to make me forget about my family. They tried to make me forget about God. But they can’t make me forget. I spent a year and a half working on the dairy before i went to first grade. Two milkings a day plus making hay, getting wood, fencing, everything else you do on a farm. That’s because my parents told me that working on the dairy was more important than me going to school. That’s how you raise adopted children, according to those folks.

In 2013 i began to wonder why so few people would be saved at the end of the world. I didn’t understand. How could so few be saved? Why not all people can’t go to Heaven? I found it disturbing. Well, i just spent the last four years understanding why. Because the people have followed me around for four years, hating me, harassing me, shooting at me, threatening me, threatening my animals, trying to get me fired from my job, doing every possible thing they could do to be mean to me. These people hate me, they hate animals and they hate God. They abuse people, they abuse animals, and they abuse God. Why would God save their souls, so they can go and hate and harass God and God’s children some more? I don’t think so. They are going to get shut down. God understands that good people are like precious jewels. If you want to have a million good people, you might have to make a billion people just to get the one good million. That’s just the way it is. People who think that this life is all there is and they can be evil and nothing will happen to them are severely mistaken. There is something that is going to happen to them. It’s a long hot bath in Fire.  So now i understand why so few will be saved. I have seen it first hand, with my own eyes. Blessed are my eyes, for they See. Why are my eyes blessed? Because God blessed me. That’s the only way you can become blessed.

I have yet even more understanding, and now i understand about who sinned first. According to popular beliefs, many people blame Eve for sinning and cast the blame on her. But let me ask you this – why are you not in Heaven right now? If you are the child of God, why are you not in Heaven with God, like you should be, with your Parents? Or, let me ask you this – have you ever been disobedient? Have you ever disobeyed anything? So, the reason that you are not in Heaven as you should be is not because Eve sinned, it’s because you sinned. You disobeyed. All have disobeyed. IT is the condition of man. And as long as man remains disobedient, he can never reach Heaven. To that effect then, Earth is somewhat of a proving grounds, to see who will be Advanced, and who is going to get Fired. So i believe the reason we are not in Heaven is because it is the condition of man to be sinful and disobedient. Sin was found in man, in all of us. That’s why i’m not in Heaven. I can’t blame Eve for my sins. That wouldn’t be prudent. Fortunately there is salvation available for all who wish to take it. But frankly, God doesn’t care whether if man chooses to go to Heaven or hell. It’s no skin off God’s  back if you go into hell. If God wants more good men, He’ll just make some more men until He gets good ones.

Me i try to obey God the best i can. God made me and gave me everything i have, and i dedicate everything i have to God. I give up everything in my life and dedicate my life to God. I don’t always obey men, but i always try to obey God. When i was in the Navy one time they wrote me up for non-conformity. I wouldn’t obey their rules about something or other. When i read my write up in my service record they gave me, my chief wrote “Rules don’t apply to him.” so after that , i never paid attention to their rules anymore. We don’t want to blindly obey men. Such as men who kill animals for fun, or sport, or for food. It’s all needless killing of God’s animals. Some people kill animals so they can make a few bucks selling God’s animals for samwiches. People even kill humans for profit. That’s how evil this world has become. As in the Days of Noah, the thoughts of man are again continually evil. Whether if the world ends or not, everyone dies, and so regardless, everyone is going to be judged by God according to their deeds on Earth. There is no great judgment day, as some believe. Rather, God separates the sheep from the goats every day. God sees you eating lunch, and determines if you are a sheep or a goat. God watches you throughout the  day, and judges you continually. When you die, there is no waiting for some future judgment day. There is waiting for you your Reward. The righteous will be going to Heaven, and the evil haters and abusers will inherit hell. Hell is the End of the Line for evil people. Fire is Guaranteed to cleanse all evil from people. Even the most evil people will stop being evil once they are thrown into the Fire. But unfortunately, that’s the only way to make some of them stop being evil.


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