That’s Right, Throw A Tantrum Little Baby

10 Aug

August 10, 2016


Before i mentioned that we don’t want to become liars. This is very important. When i was young, before age 25, i used to lie a lot. I was raised by a family of liars, and so it was our way of life. But it made me feel guilty to lie, and one day i got caught lying, and after that i decided i was going to try not to lie anymore, ever again. I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I used to lie anytime to get things to my advantage, or whenever i wanted to. But one day i was on parole and probation and i was supposed to complete some community service, which i stalled around on and never did complete. My parole officer asked me why i didn’t complete it. I had wanted to write the judge a letter and ask to do the time in jail on weekends rather than community service, because it would be shorter. I worked 40+ hours a week and i had babies to take care of and i didn’t think i had time for a second job. So i told the parole officer that i had sent a letter to the judge requesting to do the time in jail instead of community service, but i never heard back. I lied though, i never sent the letter. My parole officer didn’t even pause, he was very cool and he said OK, we’ll put a trace on that letter and see what happened to it. I knew instantly i was busted lying. So i instantly was ashamed, and i told him that i have to tell him something. He said What? and i told him i just lied to him about sending the letter. He didn’t say a word, he just said i needed to get my community service completed. Soon after i did complete it. And i learned not to lie, and ever since then i have tried very hard not to tell lies. It’s easy, with practice. But a man who is a sworn liar, he is no good at all. Because nothing he says is true, and if it was, he would lie about it.

Also before i mentioned that sexual orientation is not a “sin”. Sexual orientation has about as much to do with a person’s righteousness as the color of their hair, or the length. If you want to know the Truth about what God says, read Jesus’ words in the Bible and there is everything we need to know, told to us by Jesus. But again, if people are paying attention to other people’s sexual habits, they must be some kind of peeping tom perverts. What are they doing? They are judging people, for skin color, for sexual orientation, what ever. We are told not to judge people. Only God can Judge people. If people would spend as much time criticizing their own life and behaviour as they do other people’s, the world would be a lot better off. God made people, and God made people every different color of the RAinbow.

I mentioned that we should not judge anyone, and for a few reasons. Such as, some people could become gay oriented because of being abused as children, such as children who are forced to go to catholic pedophile ring. This could cause those children to become gay, just as abused children grow up to become abusers or abusees.  And if we consider that, then a whole host of other reasons could make people the way they are. It’s not the responsibility of man to judge the Works of God, and decide what is Good.

As i mentioned, i was adopted and raised by a family of liars. When i was age 5, i was getting whipped with leather sursingle straps, milk cow straps with metal rivets. Why was i getting whipped with leather belts at age 5? I must have been really bad. What was i doing? I was doing my chores that they forced me to do. Since the first day they adopted me they made me do chores and they started whipping me. My adopted father whipped me if i talked about my other brothers and sisters, he whipped me if i didn’t stack the wood right, he whipped me if my little sister cried, and he whipped me anytime my baby brother whimpered.  For five years i worked on the dairy doing chores and getting whipped. After they sold the dairy, they had no use for me anymore, since there were no more chores to do. My adopted parents lied and also mentally abused us children, as well as physically abusing us, and then when we were adults and became alcoholics, they said how horrible we were for being alcoholics. And yet it was because they abused us as children that all the kids they raised were abused and mentally unwell.. So these people continue to abuse the children they adopted, for 50 years now. And they continue to life a life of telling lies. It gets very old, especially for a reformed liar. I can’t stand to be around them. And then they try to judge these children they abused and made their lifes horrible living hell. So people can judge me for the way i turned out, but i can’t claim entire responsibility for the way i am.

Yes, it’s a sick messed up world. But the Good News is, it’s going to End, real soon.



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