Turn And Burn

7 Aug

August 7,2016

How do you like your bacon? Set the Fire on High and the timer for Eternity. Check back in a few million years and make sure it’s still turnin’ and burnin’.

Jesus taught us not to commit adultery. What does that mean? That means having sex outside of marriage with another person. God made man very fruitful, and God commanded man to be fruitful. Therefore, being fruitful is not a deadly sin as some might believe. We learned that masturbation is not a deadly sin. But the same God who commanded us to be fruitful also commanded us not to eat flesh.

Before i was thinking that single people could go out and have sex and they wouldn’t be committing any sins, but Scripture reminds us that people who have random sex with people are sinning against their own bodies. That is, they are running the risk of poisoning their own body through carelessness. And being the body is the temple of God, as obedient children of God, we wouldn’t be hooking up with unholy people. Such as, we wouldn’t kiss a person who eats meat. That would be like sucking meat particles out of that persons mouth. That would be worse than licking an ashtray. That would be like licking a dogs butt.

But what about gay people? What are the rules for being married? God tells us indirectly. And we use our sixth sense to discern. We know that God knows everything we ever did said and thought, since we were born. I can attest to that fact. So we know that no matter what we do, God is always our witness. Therefore, two people could make a vow to be married to each other, and God would be their witness, whether there were any other people around or not. Without even a piece of paper.  Now if you were married to that person, and they cheated on you, according to Jesus you could put that person away for divorce, and you could legally remarry. God does not require court paperwork.

So if we consider gay folks and compare them. Gay people having sex is really nothing more than masturbating each other, which we already know is not a deadly sin. No one is going to get pregnant. As long as the people were not sinning against their bodies and kept their vow to each other, they would not be committing adultery. But what about a guy who goes around having sex with random women? He would be running the risk of getting disease, making the woman pregnant, fathering and abandoning a child, and spreading disease around. He would be guilty of more crimes, because he didn’t love the woman as much as himself, he didn’t love the unwanted child as much as himself.And he would be sinning against his own temple of God. So in comparison, that person would be committing more sins that gay folks having random sex. So that’s why God teaches us to be married and stay married. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also for safety.  It’s easy to keep God’s commandments, but it requires that we think about everything that we do.

What are other sins that people commit against their own bodies? Gluttony is another way that people sin against their own bodies, and make their bodies unhealthy and prone to sickness and disease. Eating garbage, or injecting one’s self with harmful chemicals, anything a person does that is injurious or harmful to their own body. Such as smoking cigarettes. Smoking tobacco is not a sin, in and of itself. What can make it unsafe is gluttony of smoking tobacco. That’s where the danger arises. Drinking wine is not a sin, but gluttony of wine would be considered sinning against one’s own body.  Almost anything in excess could become harmful. Therefore we preach moderation.

One of the very first memories i have of my life is rising up out of the grave. Of course, before i rose up, i first had to enter the grave. When i was very young about age 4 i lived in a foster home across the road from a cemetery. I lived there with my seven brothers and sisters, and our foster father was a grave digger at the cemetery. We used to go across the road and play in the cemetery while he was hand digging graves with a shovel. It was fun. I remember if you looked around, there were little strawberries that grew around there, and if you were lucky you could find a few. One time we were playing in the cemetery and Mr. Young was digging a grave. Us kids went over to the grave he dug, and we were all gathered around looking at this hole in the ground. I told my foster father that i wanted to go into the grave. They told me that i wouldn’t like it. I said yes i would like it, and kept asking them to put me in the grave. So finally, Mr. Young reached me down into the grave. Well i was too short, and i couldn’t get back out, and i didn’t like it. So i quickly began asking them to get me out of that grave! Get me out of here!  Well, they thought it was funny, and they all began laughing at me. There i was in the grave, looking up, and my whole family looking down on me in there, laughing. Finally they reached down and got me out. My family. What a bunch of characters.


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