That’s Right, Go And Pout Little Baby

5 Aug

August 4, 2016

Now that i understand that EArth is going to be destroyed by Fire, and everything on it, i understand that God does not throw anyone into hell. People are already in hell, the future home of hell. If people obey God’s commandments, they can go to Heaven and live with God, for ever. But if people disobey God’s commandments they cannot go to Heaven and they will never go anywhere when they die, they will stay here on the Earth. Thus, when the Earth is destroyed by Fire and everything on it, that includes the spirits of people who did not go to Heaven. Spirits never die, they will live forever. In Fire. That’s not very cool, so we tell people “Don’t do it. Obey God’s commandments and go to Heaven instead.” This is Satan’s house and it is going to be destroyed by Fire, with Satan in it. And all his sissy angels, who will be screaming at the top of their lungs, for Eternity. For evermore.


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