Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

2 Aug

August 1, 2016

I was thinking about Mother Teresa and i have even read that some people were critical of her work and what she did for the dying and destitute folks she cared for. I read that some people said her medical treatments were insufficient and caused the patients to suffer and have pain, stuff like that. But these people do not have well informed criticism. Because Mother Teresa and her staff are not running a million dollar care facility. They don’t have any medical equipment. They are not RN’s. They are not even CNA’s. They are nuns sworn to live in poverty, and they eat the same cup of rice for dinner that the guests eat. They provide very basic caregiving for the most poorest and destitute. If these people were not being cared for by Mother Teresa and the nuns, they would be in the gutter somewhere, dying, no food, no nothing. People walking by them not even caring. Sometimes when i go to the big city i see people sleeping under the big freeway bridges and such. I think that under the bridge like that would be the lonliest place in the world to die. Because there would be hundreds, even thousands of people passing you by, so close, and yet, not even one person cares about you.

Now we know that MOther Teresa prayed to God and said that she would be a faithful and loyal servant to God to do what ever God wanted her to do. So God asked her to go care for the dying and destitute folks, who have no one to care for them. Why did God want her to go care for these folks? Because God loves the dying and destitute folks the same as God loves you and me. They are all God’s children and He cares about each and every one.

That’s similar to when i told God i would be a willing servant and do anything God wants me to do. I prayed in 2013 for God to save the world, because you do not have to be clairvoyant to see that the world is heading into deep, deep trouble. Pollution wise, war wise, politically and economically. People live in fear of all sorts of disasters, even the economy. It’s like one day the people looked in Fort KNox and all the gold was gone. Hmmm. I wonder who could have took it. Was it those jews that run the place? Then one day the people look and all the money is gone from the banks. Hmmm. I wonder who could have took it. Was it those fu(*&)*&)&*& jews again? The only economic collapse is when all the money collapses into their bank account. It doesn’t collapse for the rich. That’s how they get so rich, by being so greedy and selfish.

So i prayed to God to save us from the world in 2013, and God answered my prayers and He made me a deal. God said if i help Him, He will save us, and He will deliver all my enemies into my hands. So that’s our deal. Why, do you ask? Because He’s my Dad. And He’s the most powerful Dad in the universe. There is none greater than Him and no one can defeat Him. I don’t even have to do anything, except wait.


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