Smells LIke A Goats Butt

2 Aug

August 2, 2016

I mentioned before about the jews stealing American’s blind. Jesus was a Jew, but He was not the same kind of jew as those folks. The biblical Jews were scattered, and God destroyed them as a people, and wiped them from the face of the Earth. The jews of today in Israel hate Jesus. They worship the Talmud and goats turds. Their Talmud teaches hatred of Jesus. The jews of today are no wise related to Jesus, more likely they are descendants of a goats ass. It’s kind of like two people with the last name Jones. It doesn’t mean that they are like each other, or even related to each other.

I mentioned that rich people get rich because they are very stingy and selfish. One thing you may notice is that rich people are never happy. That’s because they are selfish and greedy people. They are not happy people, they are never happy. They are selfish and greedy people. They will never be happy.


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