Gifts From God

2 Aug

August 1, 2016

It was so long ago that i completely forgot about the deal God made with me. God had to remind me of it. I remember now, i was walking on the beach when God told me. At that time, i did not see how it was even possible. But neither did i disbelieve God, either. I was being hounded by Freemasons and even the US government was trying to shut me up. It did not seem possible to me, but i did believe. Besides that, how was i going to be able to help God? What could i possibly do?  But God told me that, and i agreed, although i did not understand how that could happen. But it did. And now i not only believe, i know, because i saw it happen with my own two eyes. It reminds me of one of the first things Heavenly Mother taught me “First we learn, then we know. Then we See, and then we pray”.  But of course we believe in God. God is the only thing we can believe in.

I thought about psychics and clairvoyants and such. I no longer believe in the stuff Edgar Cayce supposedly said about the “halls of justice” or anything like that. That sounds more like a deceiving spirit to me. Some people consort with spirits, or demons, and they know this, and this is how they may try to see the future or be clairvoyant. But for most psychics such as people who help to locate lost loved ones and such, i think they do not know how they do it. Such as me, if i ever said anything and it came to pass, then i would be as surprised as you, because usually i had no idea, either. I have no idea how it happens, it just happens. Neither do i control it, or even know what it is. It’s one of those things that we can’t explain in human physical terms. It is some sort of spiritual force, like karma. We don’t know where it comes from, but since it is out of this world, and it is used for good, then it must be from God.


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