Satan’s Cesspool World

1 Aug

August 1, 2016

I understand now why the Earth is such a mess, and all the people the way they are. That’s because this is Satan’s world. Satan rules this world. That is, up until it gets destroyed by Fire, and everything living on it. Even the dirt and rocks are going to burn. We sure wouldn’t want to be left on this planet when it is destroyed like Satan and his sissy angels. Thanks to God, we will be going to Heaven instead.

Well anyone who can see me can see that i have no glory. I live in a pig sty in the bunghole of the state. They named it something nice to try and cover up what it is out here – a desolate dusty dirt bowl. Not only is it extremes from 100 degrees to 40 below zero in the winter, there seem to be a lot of assholes that live out around here, per capita.Out here you can’t seem to get any mobile auto glass repair, Fed Ex doesn’t even have text shipping information out here. All they tell you is that your package is being held for five days in town, then when you drive to town they tell you they would have delivered it tomorrow, but they don’t text you that. Now they have some internet service, but the DSL service out here is the worst “broadband” service i ever had. You can get better internet service off the cell tower than the DSL service in town. Not only that, but even the water smells like sewer out here, and that’s because it is the bunghole of the state. You can see it on Google maps.

But i don’t deserve any glory. I’m a horrible sinner. What i deserve is to burn forever in hell. God gets all the glory, i have none. But thankfully, i repented of my sins and stopped sinning, and Jesus forgave me of all  my sins so now i don’t have to burn in hell forever. Now i can go live in Heaven with God like i was supposed to, anyway. I am no different than anyone else. As much as God loves me, God will throw me in hell if i am a sinner and do not repent and stop sinning. That’s why i have no glory, but neither do i want any glory. I am a humble servant of God, that’s all. Like Mother Teresa i gladly accept a life of poverty and humility and servitude to be a servant of God. Why? So that i can help others and i can help God.

I mentioned before that i am an errand boy, more or less.I am a delivery boy, here to deliver a message. I am also here to deliver the souls of the saved people to Jesus and deliver the souls of the damned to hell. So you see, i have a little sumpin sumpin  for every body, each and every one of you. No matter who you are, everyone is going to get what they deserve.


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