Turd Island

29 Jul

July 28, 2016

I have wondered when exactly it was that Satan was cast down from Heaven. Now i know exactly when. I’ll tell you about it later. First i wanted to mention how every creature God made has some purpose. Even flies have their purpose. They lay their eggs in dead meat and the eggs hatch into maggots. Those maggots eat the dead flesh they are born in, and they turn into flies. That’s the job of maggots, to clean up dead flesh and dead rotten material so that it goes away. Their job is to eat shit. Such as worms and other animals and bugs that are made to eat dead things. But humans were not created to go around eating dead flesh and shit. That is not what humans purpose is. That’s what flies and maggots are for. Now if you want to eat shit and dead rotten things, then you are some kind of messed up creature, but certainly not human. That’s not what humans are supposed to eat, shit and stuff like that.

But now people who kill animals to eat them, or pay to have animals killed so they can eat them, that’s a whole nother story. People who kill animals are murderers in God’s Eyes. Thou shalt not kill. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. If you have innocent blood on your hands, don’t expect that you will ever see Heaven. They don’t allow murderers into Heaven. Period. God expressly told man not to eat flesh, and not to kill. People were even given second and third chances to change, and they were educated and notified. And if they still continue to eat flesh then they have no one else they can blame. I feel very sad for those people. Mommy, mommy, screaming, when is it going to stop burning? It’s never going to stop burning. You are going to burn alive for ever.

Now Scripture is very clear, and so often when i don’t understand Scripture it’s because of my own inability to understand. When i do understand it seems so simple, i wonder why i didn’t understand before. It’s very clear. Such as when was Satan casted out of Heaven? Genesis tells us that three were cast out of the Garden of Eden. How many times i read that and never realized that is when Satan also got cast out of Heaven. Satan also became cursed, and he was made to crawl in the dirt and eat dust. Ha ha ha! Eat dust, Satan! Eat boot leather! LoL! But that is when Satan also was cast onto the EArth, and that is a big reason that Eve and Adam’s life became so much more difficult and sorrowful – because now they lived in Satan’s world. No longer did they lounge around in the Garden of Eden. No, now they also had to go walk around in the dust, and stomp serpents and live in an evil world.

But here’s the funny part. God told Adam and Eve both not to eat that fruit, lest, “surely you will die”. Adam and Eve both ate it, and sure enough, of course, God is always right, they both died. But the serpent lied. He said Oh, you won’t die! He called God a liar. He said God’s Word is no good. That’s why God hates liars and that’s why all liars are going to hell. Only people who tell the Truth go to Heaven. And now, we see the same exact thing today. God tells us in Scripture clearly “if you eat flesh, surely you will die”. Again, here we have Satan doing the exact same thing, telling people, No, if you eat flesh, you won’t die! He’s calling God a liar again, and many people are going to believe Satan, and they are going to spend every second of Eternity wishing they had never  even been born. Because the burning never stops. How can people spend Eternity burning and suffering like that, i just don’t know, and i don’t even want to know. I don’t even like to think about it.



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