Scary Monsters

23 Jul

July 23, 2016

I remember when Heavenly Mother told me that She is a “cool mom” and She prefers that children go on the beach and chase birds rather than go into a room and hear about scary monsters that are going to kill them. That’s because Revelation, and the whole “scary beast” story of 666 and all that is a false man-made “revelation”. It’s total BS made up by men, of what they hope to accomplish. And it looks like they will very soon. That’s why all the FEMA camps are already built and in place.

But we have discernment. We know the difference between the Word of God, and the words of men. For us, it’s easy to tell the difference.

But the Word of God never changes. Never. Not in Eternity will God’s Word ever change. Jesus tells us that not one jot or tittle of the Law can fail. That’s why when God says in Genesis, the first thing He tells man is “Thou shalt not eat flesh.” that will never change. Men can come along later and try to change it, and try to make it seem like God changed it, but the simple Truth is that it will never, ever change. Not now, not in a million years, not in Eternity. Because God’s Word is like a Rock. The Rock of Ages that will never be moved or changed. That’s why we can believe in God, because we know everything God says is True. Every single thing.


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