No Necessito Putos

23 Jul

July 22, 2016

I looked at the letter W and i see it is made up of 3 V’s. For what it’s worth. Little by little i understand things more and more. Some things i cannot understand. There is no way. Yet. Because we can only understand things in due time. LIke learning math, we have to learn addition before we can learn calculus. Some things we cannot understand like instantly, because they are too involved. And if there were no such thing as what we call “time”, which time is nothing more than separation of events, then all things would happen instantaneously.

I finally realized that Heavenly MOther started teaching me about patience since the very beginning in 2013. One of the first things She told me was that i was going to go to a Big Party in Heaven! Hurray! But then She told me i will have to wait and see. Now i understand about learning patience. It’s like God delivering all my enemies into my hands. All i have to do is be patient, and it happens. Also i was thinking that if you want to win the race you must have endurance. It’s good to have strength, but if you expend all your energy in the first round, surely your opponent will defeat you. I am beginning to also understand some Taoist philosophy who teach that mastery over one’s self is real power. Humility and discipline are not indications of weakness, as some might think.

I also understand now what the Chabad outfit is trying to do with their Noachide laws. One of their so-called laws is that they must not eat an animal while it is still alive. WTF? Now i see, the Chabad are trying to change God’s Words from thou shalt not eat flesh of the living blood to mean that you cannot eat animals while they are still alive. Come on! God is very clear. Thou shalt not eat flesh. Period. Thou shalt eat herbs and plants. Chimpanzees who eat what they have been commanded by God to eat are creatures of a higher order than humans who eat flesh. That is what the so-called Jews were doing since the days of Jesus, and that’s why Jesus overthrew the tables where they sold doves for people to eat. Because it’s wrong. It’ goes against God’s Word, and people who eat flesh will never see Heaven. They will live in Eternal Fire, for ever and ever, just like the animals they burned up.



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