He’s Getting A New Job, Feeding The Maggots

16 Jul

July 15, 2016

Some people were asking me how was i doing, and i told them very good, thanks for asking. When you’re rich like me, every day is like christmas.

I thought about people, and how kindness makes people beautiful. Such as Mother Teresa, her kindness made her beautiful, as it does everyone who is kind. Not only does kindness make people beautiful, but unkindness makes even beautiful people ugly. Funny how that is. Mean people are very ugly, you can see them scowling every time you look at them! Yuk! How ugly can you get?

A other thing i thought about is how we never feel like we are getting old. We might be 80-100 years old, and yet we feel as young as we did 75 years ago. Our bodies will break down and not carry us around as well, but inside we don’t feel old at all. That’s because we’re not old. We never get old. Life goes on forever. OUr life energy that gives us life is Eternal. It goes on forever, and it never goes out. That’s why it is so important to take good care of our spiritual life. Much more important than anything on this Earth, which is very short-term, indeed.


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