And The Lamb Prevailed

4 Jul

July 3, 2016

How ironic.

The other day i mentioned that i was changing the basic substance of my doctrine to only Jesus’ words, and thereby temporarily discarding men’s words from my preaching. To clarify my doctrine and my change in direction i now only preach things that i know for 100% sure.  I now only preach things that i know for a fact that are True.  I am not going to preach anything that i am not sure of, neither can i. That would be considered “fabrication”. And by studying Jesus’ words carefully, i filter out nearly everything men said, and i can focus on what God said. Now i know Jesus is Lord because my Heavenly Mother taught me that. And She is God. She teaches me everything. I remember Her since i was a little kid. She is always right. So when She told me that She is Jesus’ Mother, then i knew instantly. So that is my doctrine, to only preach what i am 100% sure of and can guarantee to be the Truth. By studying Jesus’ Words, i now know that He taught us to keep the Two Greatest Commandments, and we would go to Heaven. So these things i can preach because i know they are True. And anything that i am not sure of, i don’t preach at all. If i say something wrong, God always corrects me, but usually that happens before i write. So therefore i only preach things i know to be True and 100% fact, Guaranteed, backed by Scripture and God’s Word.

Well hopefully everyone will learn how to get to Heaven and do whatever it takes to get themselves there. Some people don’t believe, and i just feel sorry for those folks. They don’t know what’s going to happen to them. But i do. That’s why i feel sorry for them. One day they are going to wake up, burning alive in hell, in torture. And suddenly, they are going to know everything i said was true. They are never getting out of hell. They are going to burn for Eternity. They will know everything i said was True, even while they are burning, i will be in Heaven partying. Just like i told them, beforehand. But i won’t be in Heaven laughing at them. No, i will be the same, feeling sorry for them. Because i tried to help them save themselves, but just like Noah, they didn’t believe me either. I tried to get them into Heaven, but they scoffed at me and disbelieved. But once they find themselves burning in hell, they are going to know everything i said was True. But by then, it will be too late for them. They had a chance to save themselves, and they blew it. So those folks will find themselves burning in hell and they will realize i was right, and i am up in Heaven partying. That’s going to be a horrible way for those folks to spend Eternity. It just goes to show that stupidity really does kill people. It kills a lot of people.

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