Easy Money

3 Jul

July 3, 2016

While many Americans celebrate their Independence Day, i thought how ironic it is that Americans don’t even have any independence. With their mandatory health care laws, mandatory taxes, mandatory vaccines, more laws taking effect every day, Americans don’t have any independence left anymore. They have no rights against unreasonable search and seizures, no right to privacy, no constitutional rights, no fair hearings, nothing. They don’t even have the right to change things if they don’t like them anymore. They strip search you naked at the airport, and yet the people are so proud that they  live in the land of the “free”. LOL!  It’s ridiculous. The only rights that Americans have left anymore are the right to work for slave wages so that corporations can make millions. That’s about it. But Americans are so happy that they are free and they celebrate their Independence Day enjoying their great freedoms. Well, one day off from slave labor at work. LOL. It seems that Americans are just as brainwashed as the North Korean citizens are, or more! Maybe they just don’t know what real freedom is.

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