I Love The Smell Of Burnt Silicon In The Morning

1 Jul

July 1, 2016

I remember almost ten years ago my friend Cory lived in Ashland and she told me she had met some people and they all went to California and got to work trimming marijuana buds for medical dispensaries. She said they got to keep ounces and ounces of trimmings and she came back with a lot of weed. Back then it was very interesting, but now it is common place. ¬†Sometimes things change radically, like 180 degrees out. One time Cory’s dad got drunk and told me that he had over 300 guns locked up upstairs. I thought, dang, good thing i’m an honest person, because if he had told that to some crooks they might just wait til he’s not home and help themselves. That actually did happen when i lived at the beach. One night some body broke into the pawn shop and stole every gun. That seems like an inside job, or extremely lax security. Who knows. That’s one thing for sure, there is no shortage of crooks.

Before i wondered who would i be considered to be. NOw i believe that i am just an errand boy, sent to deliver a Message. That’s about it.


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