The Breezeway To Heaven

23 Jun

JUne 22, 2016

Now i understand that if God wanted men to eat meat, He would have made it grow on trees, so that no animals or people would have to suffer or be killed just so someone else could eat a samwich.

I think i misunderstood my Heavenly Mother when i thought She said to “enjoy my suffering.” Now i am pretty sure that She said to “endure my suffering.” That makes sense to me. That i can understand easily.

St. Mark Chapter 13

13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

In the year of 2013, Heavenly Mother mentioned to me about the Keys to the Kingdom, of Heaven. Now i have all five Keys to Heaven, and so, we all do.

1. Repentance and remission of sins. Before we can even enter a relationship with God we must stop sinning and be forgiven of our sins, AND remain sin free. Although this sounds like two different Keys, i am considering it one Key, because without repentance there is no remission. This is the first step in being saved. Everyone has the same excuse – we did not know any better. I myself did not know eating meat was against God’s Law. But God wants us all to go to Heaven, and so God told us all. Now that we do know better, we have no excuse. I did not know what i needed to do to enter Heaven, but now i do. So now it is my own responsibility to get myself into Heaven.

2. We love God with all our hearts.

3. We love all our neighbors, AS much AS ourselves. This includes animals.

4. We don’t eat flesh.

5. We try our best, every day.

Now if we have all five of these Keys, then we will be able to enter Heaven! If we are missing any keys, we can’t get in. We can see that it is very easy to enter Heaven. It’s designed so that everyone has the opportunity to save themselves from hell. Also, if we have all five Keys, then we don’t have anything to worry about. No one can take away your Keys. No one can keep you out of Heaven, except your own self. This is what my Heavenly Mother keeps reminding me of from time to time, that i don’t have anything to worry about. Heavenly Mother told me that God has already expressed His confidence in me, in 2013 when God said that my word is good. So when God has confidence in you, then you cannot fail. You don’t have anything to worry about. If we put our confidence in men, it will fail us. But with our confidence in God, we cannot fail. So Heavenly Mother gave me an exercise to practice, and this is also for anyone to practice. She said that if i ever start to worry, to stop myself and remember that She told me i have nothing to worry about. She said if i do this everytime i start to worry, soon i won’t worry anymore.

However, if we don’t have all five Keys, then people need to be concerned, because they will not be allowed to enter Heaven. There will be wailing. People without all five keys will be passed over. They will not be recommended for retention or advancement. It’s kind of like the Final Exam. If you don’t pass the Final, you don’t pass the Course. If you don’t pass the course you become the class dropouts and failures.

In 2013 God taught me about my “center”. Now i am reading more about chi and energy. Now that i learned about chi, i want to manifest it, focus it and do things with it. God said that if i am very patient and doing my best and doing my exercises and meditation then God will teach me how to do all these things.


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