Every Single Thing

15 Jun

June 14, 2016

I think that karma is evidence of the existence of God. Without God, there would be no karma. NO one would be keeping track. But God keeps track of every thing. Every single thing. That’s another amazing thing i realized about God. God delivers all my enemies into my hands. Every single one. If you’re not playing for God’s Team, you really should be.

Before i mentioned that when we die, there may be some pain associated with dying, but as soon after we die we forget all about it because of the wonders that await us! This is for the people who are going to Heaven. The people who are going to hell only feel pain from dying, and after they die, they feel even more pain. And it never ends. For sinners, they feel the pain of dying for ever and ever. For people who eat meat, they can look at meat while it is cooking and see what they have in store for themselves when they die. ONly they will be alive and feel the burning. Some people think when they die nothing will happen to them. Some think they will take a “nap” for a few thousand years, until Judgment Day, then get up and go to Judgment. However, when sinners die, they go directly to hell. They do not sleep for any amount of time. Their judgment day was on Earth when they convicted themselves by sinning. By the time they die, it’s already over. Except for the burning and suffering and screaming in agony. Those will never be over. Those will just be the beginning of forever.

I was thinking about what God had told me previously, to enjoy my suffering. I told God i still don’t understand. I asked God to forgive me for not understanding. Then Heavenly Mother said to me that when we suffer for God, our suffering is only temporary. But She said the glory we get from suffering for God will last forever. Such as Jesus example. He suffered for God, and He is rewarded for Eternity. She said when we do something good for God, it can never be taken away from us. I don’t work for glory, i only want God to have glory. I’m not worthy of glory. I am only trying to do the best i can, and i am very small and weak and feeble, without any understanding. Not to mention ignorant and foolish. I guess it is tough training to become a reaper angel.


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