Do Not Gamble With Your Soul. It’s The Most Valuable Thing You Have.

14 Jun

June 13, 2016

Well i had my say about how i feel about the Freemasons, and so i am going to let it go at that. I don’t want to get into a name calling match. But i grow weary of people who continually harass me for years. NOt just because they harass me, but because they think it scares me or bothers me. They are sitting in their little trucks giggling because they think they are scaring me but they just look stupid. And so i try to let them know it does not scare me. If they want to go around looking stupid, go ahead. It doesn’t make me look stupid. They cannot make me change what i do. IN fact, the more they antagonize me the more i research and dig up dirt on the Freemasons. So it doesn’t help them to do that. But anyway i don’t want to become a Mason basher and neither do i hate anybody, and so i want to try to have a happier friendlier blog, for all. I want to encourage everyone, not drive people away. It kind of reminds me of a story my boss in Alaska told me. He said there was a farmer who had three bulls and a certain amount of cows. The biggest bull had the most cows, and the middle sized bull had a few cows, but the small bull only had two cows. One day the three bulls were looking up the road and they saw the farmer coming up the road hauling the biggest bull they ever had seen bringing it to the farm. The biggest bull looked and his eyes kind of bugged out, and he said well that bull is pretty big, so he is going to let that bull have about twenty of his cows. The middle sized bull agreed, and said that he would give up most of his cows because that bull was so big. Then they looked over at the small bull who had only two cows. The small bull put his head down and started snorting and pawing the ground to fight the big bull. The other two bulls said What, are you crazy? You have two cows, you can give him one and still have one! The little bull said I don’t care about the cows, he said I want that SOB to know i’m a bull!

The question comes up – what does Scripture teach us about following the rules of the land? A quick check with common sense tells us that of course it’s good to follow all the laws of the land that do not violate God’s laws. For example if they passed a law requiring people to eat meat, they could shoot me by firing squad. If they passed a law requiring me to kill my brothers, they could also shoot me by firing squad. And the other day i mentioned that we cannot sin, because even if they told us to hate our brothers – we could not do it! It’s not possible. NOw if the government wants to put safety labels on everything then i think they should put safety labels on vaccines! i mean for crying out loud! In fact, if there was a law passed that required people to inject those poisonous chemicals and who knows what? into them – that would be violating God’s laws to love thy neighbor as much as yourself. Because we know what harm vaccines can and are doing. Then they make vaccines mandatory. When did the government get the right to touch my body and inject what they want into me and i have no say about it? That’s total BS. Leave those babies alone. It just makes me mad. It makes me sick. But the laws of the land are mostly made for safety purposes, and those laws we need to pay attention to. They are for everyone’s safety, not just for our own. That’s part of loving our brothers as much as ourselves is watching out for them as much as we watch out for ourselves. And being careful for all. But some laws we can clearly see violate God’s laws, and if we violate God’s laws we won’t be going to Heaven. So of course we avoid ending up in Eternal Fire avidly, with a very great amount of zeal. Who’s going to keep you out of Heaven?

If we look back to the days of Noah, i begin to wonder why so few people were saved. But now we can see. Eight people were saved, from the whole world. Now if you think that Noahs flood did not happen and all those people did not perish, except so few, then you may find yourself burning right alongside those folks burning in hell. Why so few? Since Jesus told us that we need to love God and love our neighbors as much as ourselves, which includes animals, then why were only 8 people saved? Because they all ate meat, that’s what i believe. They all ate meat and this was taught to them by the Nephilims, which was against God’s law. That is why the first time God tells man not to eat flesh is when He tells it to Noah, after the flood.

Genesis Chapter 9

4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.

So this was something that men learned and did prior to the flood, and it was why many of them were destroyed in the flood. And so it is the same today, as it was in the days of NOe. It is written that the Nephilims ate all the animals and after that they started eating people. Even today we read about people eating other people. I would like to be able to convince people of what i know, and i encourage people that if there is any small thing whatsoever that might prevent them from going to Heaven, stop doing it. Don’t do it. Just don’t give up your chance to go to Heaven. Don’t let anything stand in your way of Heaven, because Eternity in hell is too long! I recomend people do everything in their power they possibly can to enter Heaven. Now, here on EArth, while they still can.

Genesis Chapter 6

13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.


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