Preparatory School

9 Jun

June 06, 2016

It seems very weird. I have been thinking that everything in my life that has happened to me was to prepare me for what i started going through in 2013. Since i was a young child, and i knew God and was punished for talking about Her. Growing up in a foster home, then being adopted as child labor to work on a dairy farm at age 5. I was raised by parents who never attended not even one of my sporting events at school. Ever. My father never played catch with me. Ever. When i was growing up i had interests in radio electronics and things that my adopted parents had no idea about. From studying radio electronics beginning at age 15, to going into Navy electronics at 18. There i studied shipboard communications and i learned to repair all electronics, including radar school. Then i went to more advanced electronics and math at Navy nuclear propulsion school. But we noticed that all the instructors in preschool, NPS and prototype training units were bald. I kind of like my hair, so i transferred to the fleet and went to school to repair crypto teletype equipment and went to the fleet and repaired crypto teletypes and UHF radios. I learned all about communications, including jamming and all other considerations. After the Navy i worked in business, marine and police radio systems and became a TV repairman working in tv shops repairing all household electronics including microwave ovens and big screen tvs and what not. Even the drinking and troubles i got into were a preparation for what i was going to go through, it seems. So i learned all these skills and different things, then i began to work more in computers and became self taught in computer security and networking and i had a job where i worked trying to keep networks running and computers secure, and running wireless distribution systems. It was in these final skills that i learned that put me in the right place at the right time to accidentally stumble into where i am now, where it appears that everything i ever went through was somehow some sort of preparation for where i am now. Weird. I don’t know what it means. I just keep trying to do the best i can.


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