No Deal

9 Jun

June 06, 2016

Now i’m pretty hard on the Lodge brothers, but i am here to tell them things their own lodge brothers won’t, or can’t tell them. But i’m not saying anyone is less than or better than anyone else. I’m sure there are better men than me that are in the Freemasons. But i don’t want to see them sell themselves short. All have fallen short of the glory of God, but let’s not sell ourselves short. Men selling out to Satan makes me think of a guy choosing between a suitcase with $33,000. or an unknown suitcase that has infinite $. People may not believe or may not want to wait for their rewards so they lose patience and sell out and sell themselves short. Way short. Big problems if you end up in hell. You will cry forever. Not just for an hour or two, or for a few hundred thousand years, but forever. Do not do this. It reminds of a person i knew who was injured in an automobile accident, due to negligence of a large corporation. She suffered great injuries, and she could have waited a year in court, and she would have been a millionaire. But instead, she was impatient for cash, and so she settled for a few thousand dollars, and a year later she was broke. But if you look at it like she only lost a few million, then it doesn’t seem so bad. But anyway, i have to tell people the dangers of hell and how to avoid it. Since i know what it is, and i know what the Truth is, then i have to tell people about it. Else how could i live with myself. And like i said, i think i am only doing what anyone else would do who found themselves in my unique position. Just try to do the best you can, that’s all you can do.


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