People Are Worth More Than Demons

8 Jun

June 08, 2016

I tell my Freemason brothers what is going to happen to them. I am not saying they are worse men for being Freemasons. I am saying they are better than that. They deserve much better than what they will get from being masons. They are worth so much more, but they don’t even know it. Freemasons worship Satan, a being that is less than themselves. When men die and become Angels, they are greater than Satan. But men don’t know this and have been deceived. Not only deceived into worshiping Satan, but to follow him straight into hell. I’m not here to threaten people or to warn people. I am simply here to tell the Truth. That’s it. God is here to save as many men as He can, not destroy them. When i say God, i mean Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother and Jesus. God is not going to sit idly by and watch Satan lead His children into hell and not do anything about it. God is going give all His children an opportunity to save themselves from hell. If people want to go to hell, they will have to go through me first. If they force their way past me and go into hell there is obviously nothing more i can do for them. If people want to go to hell then so be it. Who am i to try and force people to go to Heaven?


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