Killers Get Killed

7 Jun

June 06, 2016

God has created many creatures, He has given them His own life. If people follow behind God destroying the things He has made, they are going to be destroyed. Funny how that happens, too. Because they destroy others, they end up destroying them ownselves. They die at their own hand. God has created these creatures and breathed His Own Life into them, so when people kill them it is the same as if they are trying to kill God. Satan came to kill and destroy, and that is why Satan and everyone who kills and destroys will be destroyed at the end of the world.

Some people think that God would not destroy His own children. They think they can get away with anything, and God will just have to accept them the way they are. However, this is very false. First of all, God does not destroy these people, they destroy themselves by refusing to stop sinning. When the obedient go to Heaven, the disobedient get left behind to burn up. When people refuse to stop sinning, they cut their lifeline to Heaven. But even if God did have to throw men in hell, He would do it. He said He would, and He is True to His Word. But God does not enjoy the destruction of men. He does it without anger or happiness or any emotion. God even told me Himself that sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to do, things that must needs be done. If you commit a crime and appear before a judge in court for sentencing, the judge will hand you your sentence, but rarely will the judge do it in anger, or joyously. It’s a serious matter.

Heavenly Mother reminded me that we must get our chores done before we can have a Big Surprise Party! HUrray!


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