Two Edges Of The Same Sword

5 Jun

June 05, 2016

I realize i am like a 2edged sword. I can help people go to HEaven. And if people would rather go to hell, i can help them with that, too. Either way i am available to help my brothers receive whichever they one they choose.

I thought about police who join the Masons. Those cops are no longer allegiant to the sheriff, or whatever. They took allegiance to the Masons and they no longer serve public interests. If a “dirty” cop sees a Mason committing a crime, the dirty cop HAS to let the Mason get away with crime. The dirty cop took a blood oath to protect his lodge brothers over anything else. And they do. Otherwise, at the next lodge meeting the brothers would snitch on him and rat him out, and then they would threaten to release all the dirt they have on him, the gay sex and crimes and coverups and whatever else. Or they will even go so far, i am willing to bet, as to threaten people and tell them they will bring their kids head home in a sack. Because who better to kidnap kids, than someone they know. A family member or friend. So once dirty, always dirty. Because once they join the Masons they can’t quit. Less if they go to one of the meetings and they put him in a casket. It’s not a good thing.

Yes, if a dirty cop sees some Masons committing crimes, the dirty cop will help them commit crimes. They don’t uphold the law. They call themselves public servants, but they want to go around being the master of everyone. People go around bullying others all the time. It is allowed. But the problem that bullies find out sooner or later is sooner or later they push someone who will push back. It’s not good to bully people around. Not just because it’s not nice, but also because it’s a good way to get yourself killed. Such as me, for example. NOw i know why Jesus tells us in Scripture that the evil people can’t hurt a hair on our heads. Because even if they did kill us, we would come back as angels and kill them, AND throw them in hell. That’s called “checkmate”. They can’t kill us, and they can’t hurt us. I know they can’t hurt me, because i know i really am going to live forever.

Before for a long time i kept having visions of skulls. Mountains of skulls, fire, and i saw skulls everywhere. In the clouds, here and there, in the pattern on the wall. Visions of skulls would pop up everywhere. Very weird. Now i know why i kept seeing all those skulls. I guess when you are working as a reaper angel you see a lot of skulls. When you take a living person and throw them into hell, the first thing that happens is all the flesh instantly burns off the skeleton. Kind of like when fat splashes into fire. Then all that is left is a skeleton, which then crumbles. All these skeletons and skulls fall to the bottom of the fire, and so what you have is huge mountains of skulls and bones. Millions and millions of skulls. It’s like the planet of skulls and bones and burning fire. It’s not a very pretty job, but someone has to do it.


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