Let Them Burn

5 Jun

June 4, 2016

Some people might ask if i have any compassion or mercy for the Freemasons. Are you kidding? They murder babies. Besides that i have had mercy on them for four years and tried to help them, and all the while they threatened me and harassed me and tried to kill me. Now after four years i’m done helping them. Now if they don’t want my help and want to go to hell instead, i will volunteer to throw them in hell.

In fact, i pray to God that whatever His will is, i will do it, no matter what it is. As it turns out, after the “education phase” is over, that is, when school is completed, then there will be another phase after that. After that God will need some help going around and casting all the people who didn’t learn anything from school into hell. Since i already told God i am willing to do whatever He asks, then i have already volunteered to gather up sinners and cast them into hell. When you’re working for God, you never know where you’re going to be or what you might be doing from day to day. He’s always recruiting for good help. It’s hard to get. But just remember that in the war on evil, only the evil people die. God’s guys live forever. Those sinners in hell will be screaming for God to help them. Then they will remember that God sent a guy to help them, and they tried to kill that guy. And this is what happens when they turn down God’s offer for help. They don’t get any more offers. Fu2


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