Harvest Time For One Old Rat

4 Jun

June 3, 2016

I understand a few more things now. Such as God’s Perfect Plan. It’s funny, the same people who don’t want to go to Heaven, we don’t want them in Heaven either! Isn’t that funny? Those people think they are getting away with something. They think they are real smart. They are so smart they trick themselves into going to hell. Me and God had a few good laughs at them. I marvel at how stupid people can be, who think they can outsmart God. I also understand what Heavenly Mother told me “i don’t have anything to worry about”. My future is Secure. I understand i have some kind of reward? I also understand that i cannot sin. It is not possible for me to sin.

Well God told me that He’s not paying me to be nice. I was sent to deliver a Message. He said that i already wasted enough time trying to help a bunch of ingratious bastards, and He told me not to do it anymore. He said many of them cannot be saved anyway, no matter what they do. There’s nothing you can do for the damned. It’s like praying for bad bugs. God said it was good that i did, but He told me to stop now.

Before when i realized how simple Jesus instructions are on how to enter Heaven, i realized that many people were already considered righteous, and would have already been saved, without changing anything in their life. People who love God and their brothers and the animals. These people are righteous in God’s eyes, and they don’t need to change anything. Maybe they unknowingly ate flesh, but that might be the only thing they need to change. And these people, when they love God and their neighbors, when they discover that it is against God’s Law to kill innocent life, period, they immediately stop. Because they love God, and if they know it’s against God they would never do it. They love God more than their family members or their spouses. It’s not possible for these people to sin. If you asked them to kill God’s innocent creature, they would refuse. If they were told to kill an innocent person, they would not do it. These people would not do anything that goes against God, willingly, and therefore they cannot sin. A word to the wise is sufficient. These people love God more than people, and their faith is much stronger. They know they don’t have to worry about going to hell because they have clear consciences. It’s those people with guilty consciences who know they are willfully disobeying God, and they fear meeting God. But they don’t have to worry. Because they never will.


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