Hope Springs Eternal

3 Jun

June 2, 2016

Earlier i spoke about abusive people who think they are going to go to Heaven. Can you imagine, a person shows up in Heaven, cursing God, killing His animals and abusing His children? That will never happen. People who believe that are righteously out of their heads.

I see now too that my Mission is only to tell people the Truth. I am not here to try to convince them to believe God. I am not here to tell them what to choose or what i think they should believe or what i think they should do. I am only here to tell them how they can save themselves. That’s it. Period. God gives everyone a fair chance to save themselves. If people choose hell then i couldn’t care less. Why would i? They have a chance to go to Heaven, if they choose hell, that is their choice. I am not here to judge people either. If those people choose hell i’m not going to feel sorry for them. Maybe they like suffering for Eterntiy. I am not even going to know about it. I’m going to be hanging out with God and the Angels in Heaven. They are going to be out of sight and out of mind and no one will even know they exist, for eternity. They will be burning alive for eternity. I have to say though, the sad thing about those people burning in hell is that they are still going to have hope. They will never get out, but they will never lose hope. They will continue to hope for Eternity that God will hear their screams and take them out of hell. They will continue to scream and hope for Eternity while they are burning alive. But they are out of God’s sight and hearing. Why would anyone bother to go check on them? They could have went to Heaven, but they willingly chose hell. So Welcome! Enjoy your stay! You will never be leaving, because you have no place to go. You chose your final destination, fair and square. Enjoy, as you reap what you have sown.


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