People In Hell Because Of Their Tongues

1 Jun

May 31, 2016

Earlier i wrote about people who are willfully disobedient to God. We can liken them to a disobedient employee. God is not going to keep them around, either. Why would He? So they can backtalk Him and disobey Him? I don’t think so. If we think about an employee who gets called into the office where his manager tells him that he is getting written up for the third time for telling the manager to “fuck off”. What will the manager do, threaten if he keeps telling him to fuck off four or five times that he might get suspended? No, i don’t think so. I think the first time the employee tells his boss to fuck off they will not only let him go, they will immediately escort him off the property, never to return again. That’s not really something that they will write you up for, two or three times. That’s like people who know eating God’s animals is a direct violation of God’s commandment, and continue to eat them anyway. Maybe they think they will eat meat all their life, and then right before they die they will stop eating meat so they might be saved. I don’t think it works like that either. I think the minute a person says that they are not going to obey God it is like telling your boss to “fuck off”. After that i’m not sure it matters what they do, because at that point they become the walking dead. They oppose God. They know what God wants, but they choose the opposite. They know what’s right, and they choose wrong. How many chances do you suppose God will give people who tell Him to fuck off? I don’t think He will give them any. I think He will tell them to fuck off, and then He will throw them in hell.


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