Looked At Love From Both Sides Now

31 May

May 31 2016

God and Satan are exact opposites. God’s laws are to love each other and do not kill. Satan is the exact opposite and his idea is to hate everyone and kill everyone. Under Satan’s ways, everyone will end up dead. Under God’s Law, His children will live forever.

Now we discover the whole hidden purpose behind all the “secrets and conspiracies”: Depopulation. We know this is True. They carved it in stone, in plain view of everyone. Now we are watching it unfold. The secret agenda is depopulation- kill off 90 percent of the people. Now here comes a guy who tries to help the Americans keep from getting depopulated. What do the Americans do? They hate him. They harass him and threaten to depopulate the one guy who is trying to help them. So to hell with them. I’ve been trying to help people for four years now, and all they do is harass me. Fuck them. Let them get depopulated. I will only try to help people for so long, and when i realize it is pointless, i will stop. God teaches us, don’t throw your pearls before the swines, for this exact reason. But now i begin to see that i am not here to prevent them from getting depopulated. I am here to tell them what is happening, so when they find themselves in FEMA camps, they will know why. When they find themselves burning alive in hell, they will know why. That’s why i’m here. To tell them all these things.

Now these americans, they founded their country by depopulating the people who lived here. Since they were first created, americans have gone around the world depopulating everyone else. So now it’s their turn to get depopulated. Can you feel sorry for them? I mean, right at this very minute, americans are paying for murder and torture in Palestine. And they do not care. They depopulated the native americans, the japanese, the koreans, the vietnamese, everybody. Now it’s their turn, so how can we feel sorry for them? God is not evil. God does not do anything evil. But if people are evil, and they do evil, and they create evil things, then God will turn those evil things against the very people who created them. And by doing so, God does not destroy them, they destroy themselves by their own evil they created. It seems very ironic. People are working 60-70 hours a week just to pay for their own destruction.

So i just about give up on trying to help these people who only want to harass and depopulate me. Forget about them. If they don’t want or accept my help after four years, i doubt they ever will. At some point i just begin wasting my time, throwing my pearls before swines. And i understand now why this is so. Because it is God’s will. There is nothing that can stop God’s will. There is nothing that can even budge God’s will. If it’s going to be God’s will, it cannot be stopped. Period. No matter how much time i waste trying to help people who hate their neighbors and hate God, or try to save those who will never be saved. I cannot change God’s will. But i tried to help these folks for quite awhile. Long enough that i don’t feel guilty to stop helping them now. So i just pray that God’s will be done. And with God financing both sides of this “war”, i know it will.


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