What Percent Is 50 Years Of Eternity?

30 May

May 29, 2016

I read about how the Fbi and other agencies “create” problems so that they can “solve” the problem and thereby make it look like they did something good. When in actuality, what they did was create the crime and then pretend like they “solved” it. This would be the same thing if the fire department went around setting fires, then heroically going out and putting out those fires. They would not be doing something good. That would be a big waste of taxpayer money. If they are creating crime, instead of eraticating it, then they should be eliminated. Especially if they are harming American citizens! It is the highest form of treason. If the government will send troops to kill babies and children in other countries, they will send them to our country too. Of course they would. They obviously have no scruples. They kill babies. That’s like being in a country where they will throw you out for drinking alcohol, but killing and maiming humans is A OK. A good example we can see of this is 911 when the Freemasons “pulled” 911. They killed quite a few of their own lodge brothers. Because as we discovered, there is no honor among dishonorable men. If they will backstab and kill innocent Americans, who pay their wages, they will backstab and kill anybody, even their own lodge bros. Backstabbing killers don’t have any scruples. If they did not want to kill those emergency service workers, someone would have notified them to evacuate the building. But what can you expect from a bunch of backstabbing lying cheating bunch of thieves? Honor? They are like rats, they will even turn on their ownselves.

I think that teaching our children how to get to Heaven is the single most important thing we need to teach them.

We can understand that God created Satan and Satan doesn’t stand a chestnut’s chance in hell of being able to overcome God. That’s why Satan is no longer in Heaven. Satan is only waiting for his destruction. We can see that Satan has no chance at all against God, because it is the Spiritual Power of God versus the spiritual power of a turd. Literally. Satan might be able to deceive some foolish men and tell them he can defeat God. But Satan knows in his own mind he has already been defeated. Satan is not in a war against God. Satan is more like a trapped rat, trying to get out of his cage, because he knows his destruction is coming very soon. And Satan is kind of like me, because we are both awaiting the day of the Big Party! Hurray!

People might think that they are getting away with sin and crime for a long time, and nothing is going to happen to them. But in actuality, the fifty years of a man’s life is just a small small speck in the time of Eternity. It’s less than a microsecond. It might seem like they are getting away with something for a long time, but in the Big picture, it is for a fraction of a second. When God sees them being evil, He gives them an opportunity to change themselves, and if not, He destroys them. That’s a very wonderful thing about God. He destroys everything evil. People can get away with being evil for less than a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a second. But oh, at what a cost.


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