Love Our Mother AND Father

29 May

May 29, 2016

Well i told those girls it won’t do any good to get their pink panties bunched up. And now they are really getting bunched up after receiving my boot in their asses. They don’t like it. They only like to shove people around, they don’t like to get shoved back. Their idea is to get 500 guys and bully one guy around and shove him around. This time they picked a guy who shoved back said he would kill every sinngle one of them, instead. And he will.

Now i understand the real reason they hate me is because i tell the Truth. They don’t want their shameful ways and deeds exposed. While they are over there sucking on the horn of initiation, or whatever they do, i am exposing the Truth. But they need not fear me. Fear Him who sent me. Neither thank me or praise me, either. Praise God. Only. You can hate me all you want though, that’s OK.

Now in our zeal to keep God’s commandments, how many of us focus on the seccond greatest commandment and somewhat overlook number one? Our greatest commandment is to love God with all our hearts. If we do this then we hold God very dear to us. Someone who loves us more than our mom, or our dad, or our gramma. We honor and respect God at all times. So we would never do anything disrespectful to God, such as blaspheming His HOly Name or other such things. Bad habits are hard to break, but if we keep trying our hardest everyday it is the only way to break them. And that’s why loving God is the number one commandment. Because if you love God as much as He loves you, then you would know that you don’t have anything to worry about, either.


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