I’m Here To Settle The Score

27 May

May 27, 2016

I have to draw the line somewhere, so people who want to kill me are not invited to the Big Party. Unless they stop wanting to kill me, then they can come. But they cannot eat flesh or want to kill animals, either. That’s the requirement to get into Heaven. Everyone saw me eat meat. I used to eat meat like a hog, everyday just about. Now the thought of eating flesh turns my stomach. Blood, and guts, blood veins and such. Off a pig?!!! Now i can’t stand to think of eating anything that even touched a pig! I had already just about quit eating meat before i found out it was against God’s Law. Like everyone else, i too skipped over those Scriptures. I think that’s why i used to be skeptical of Christianity. Because it was obvious to me that the people were not even following what their Book said. What is it then? Some kind of made up fantasy? Read a few verses, then make up your own meaning?

Some things i can understand, but some things seem nonunderstandable. Some things i can’t understand. Such as many people hate me, for no reason. This i understand is why Heavenly Mother in Proverbs tells us that people who cause strife with their brothers are an abomination to God. You could have one liar that goes around telling lies about a person, then a whole bunch of people will hate that person, for no good reason. Such as, i never did a single thing wrong to anyone who hates me. But they have done many evil things to me. And yet, they call me evil. What? I keep God’s commandments, and they call me evil, and hate me. Weird.

I used to eat meat and i was also unaware, like everyone else. But when God walked in the room, i straightened up quickly. Of course God explains to us what God wants us to do. Otherwise, how could we know? But to me, i am glad to follow God’s rules. I am glad that it is better for the animals. I think it’s very wonderful, and so i am very happy to follow any laws from God. It’s kind of like when law enforcement walks into the store, or something like that. Then everybody kinds of pays attention, and they’re like Hey, try to act straight.

Now i understand too that people who don’t obey God are no good for anything. They are worthless. They are just like having a dishonest, disobedient employee. We don’t keep them around either. We let them go. They are very undesireable. And we expect that no matter where they go or what they do, we will hear that they have been involved in no good. That’s why Satan got casted out of Heaven, because he is disobedient. If people don’t obey God and go around doing good, then they disobey God and go around doing evil. If God creates anything that turns out evil, He’s going to destroy it. Otherwise He would be going around creating evil things. And that will never happen. If God gives people His own Life, and His own Breath, and they use it to go around doing evil, then it is as though God himself were doing the evil, because He gave this evil entity His power, and His breath of life. Therefore, He takes that life back away from them.


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