Hey, Do You Wanna Burn Alive Forever?

27 May

Saw you reading this so i thought i’d pop in and offer you. We got enough hell fire and brimstone to roast your chestnuts for Eternity. So if that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.

In the parable of the King’s Wedding, one guest did not have the proper attire. He did not meet the entrance requirements, and he was cast out. This makes me think of not eating flesh. Because if you eat flesh, you are not meeting the requirements to enter Heaven, and you will not be allowed in. If you did somehow manage to get in, they would cast you out.

Yes, we shove back. Hard.Evil will never come and push righteous men around without any resistance. Evil will only push righteousness around over our dead bodies. Because the righteous don’t stand for any evil, whatsoever. That’s what makes them righteous. During time of war is not the time to be meek. As long as i have any life in me, i will fight for righteousness, and stand firmly against evil. Even if i’m the only one.


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