I Shall Be A Good Man; I Shall Not Be Weak In The Presence Of Evil

26 May

God explained to me that another reason that so many evil people hate me is because before i came, they thought they were all going to Heaven. Now i come and tell them if they don’t change their ways, they are not going to Heaven. They don’t like that. Because they think they are better than everyone else. They think they are smarter than everyone else. They think they have the right to kill anyone or anything they want, because they have the right to decide who lives or dies. They think that they will go all around the world killing God’s children and animals, and after they are done and have completely destroyed the EArth, they are going to go to Heaven. Because they are the only ones going to Heaven. That’s why they go around killing all the other people.

The people who hate me are evil, because hatred is evil. God gave man and animals love, not hatred. God wants man to love his brothers, not hate them. Now some guy they hate shows up and tells them it says  point blank in their Bible that if they kill God’s children, God is going to kill them. It tells them very clearly that if they kill and eat God’s animals that He will kill them. Why? Because they are mean and cruel to God’s children and animals. That’s the same reason Satan is going to hell. But many “Christians” don’t do what God tells them in Scripture. They only call themselves Christians as a facade, a put-on that they are “righteous” folk. But to be a Christian you must walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Because talk is bullshit. It’s valueless. But of course, these people are “better than everyone else”. They decide who lives and dies and they are the only ones going to Heaven. In fact, they believe that they can get away with anything they want and still go to Heaven. But the Bible does not say that. God is very clear.

So now they really hate me even more, because now i told them they are all wrong and if they don’t change their ways they will end up in hell. So they get angry and want to kill me, and by doing so they prove me right. So to hell with them. I am trying to save their lives, and if they want to kill themselves, go right ahead. It’s not going to be me burning alive forever because i refused to obey God. You can even kill me. But it won’t help you. I am not even asking people to like me. I do want people to know the Truth. So i told them. It’s not my fault if they don’t like the Truth. But eventually, the Truth always comes out, and it cannot be hid.

Another teaching Jesus gave us was by His example. One of the examples Jesus gave us was that He was a vegetarian. He was an Essene. So even if they took all the words out of the Bible, Jesus still taught us that message, without saying a word.

Well, i knew these people were very foolish, ever since the beginning. I mean, what kind of people in their right mind is going to make war against God? How fricking idiotic can they get?  Insult your own Creator? What do people think God is going to tell them if they tell God “Fuck you!”? God is going to tell them right back “Fuck you too” and throw them in hell. I guess i made my own point, that there is no sense trying to be reasonable with the criminally insane.

As far as True Christians are concerned, those folk who do keep God’s commandments, they have no need of being meek. IN fact, if some Satan’s sissies come up and shove you around, shove them back. Sons of God never take a day off from standing up for righteousness, and they never stand meekly by while evil does whatever it wants. Satan wants Christians to be meek, and quietly get on the cattle train. But if righteous men don’t stand up against evil men, how can righteousness prevail? It can’t. If you are assaulted by robbers you fight back, you don’t say, Here, take my little daughter. We’ll just be meek and let you do whatever you want. Jesus told His disciples when they were leaving Him and going out on their own to take swords. To defend themselves against evil. They wouldn’t be able to do a very good word of spreading Jesus salvation if the first guy they saw came up and robbed them and killed them. Jesus told the prophets if they don’t stand up for themselves they will only be trodden under foot of men. The sons of God are not afraid of Satans’ sissies and they don’t look away if they see Satan’s sissies doing something evil. They stand up for righteousness when they see sissies bullying around little children, or anytime they see evil. That’s what being righteous is all about.

Well God told those fools “If it’s war they want, then war they shall have.”  and they lost the war. Now they will burn alive forever. Of course. No one can defeat God. I am really beginning to see how stupid people are. Way beyond stupid. Some guy comes up and tries to help them, and they all start acting like a coven of witches and say “Kill him kill him”. That’s alright. My all seeing brown eye winks at them, and spits at them.


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