I Will Not Be Afraid Of Soap; Cleansing Fire

25 May

I understand now that hell was created for one thing, and one thing only – to destroy. Hell was not made for “fixing” things. God said that fire is real good at fixing people. People who are disobedient suddenly start promising to obey, and people who aren’t sorry suddenly  become very sorry and start making all kinds of promises when God puts them in fire. But God said if you create something and you have to throw it in fire to make it work, it’s no good. That’s why God puts them in hell where they can’t hurt anyone anymore and He doesn’t have them in His Sight or His Hearing anymore, either. They are some sorry people, that’s for sure.

Now i understand clearly why God says not to “throw our pearls before the swines”. Because they will trample your pearls, and you. Why? Because they are a bunch of porky pig motherfuckers. God said He’s going to have a barbecue of HIs own. He said He’s going to be barbecuing pigs every day for Eternity.


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