Hey Lard ASS

24 May

May 23, 2016

I thought about when God showed up and told these people what is in store for them, about the only thing they can do is make animal noises. That’s about it. There’s nothing they can do.

Now some people still have caveman beliefs and intelligence, and think that they want to eat meat. Humans don’t eat animals. Animals eat animals. These people who eat meat don’t care about animals. They don’t even care about their own brothers. They want to kill their own brothers. These are some seriously fucked up people.

How many people have a pet? Do you love your pet? Do you care for it and feed your pet, and make sure it has a home and care for all it’s needs? Don’t you just love your pets? Now, how would you feel if someone came up to you and said “Hey that dog looks good, i’m going to kill it and eat it.”? You would say “No, don’t eat my pet!” What if that person just took your pet and said “Fuck you. I don’t care if you don’t want me to eat your pet. I’m going to take a knife and cut it, and kill it, then i’m going to rip it’s guts out, tear off it’s skin, cut off it’s head, legs then i’m going to put it in fire and burn it. So fuck you!” Then as you watched your pet screaming and crying for you as the people kill your animals and chew them up and eat them. How would that make you feel? What do you think people will have for karma, for doing such things to God’s pets, that He went to a lot of trouble to save, and not for peoples’ food.? Do you think you will go to Heaven? LOL! I didn’t think people could be that stupid! Maybe before they knew it was against God they could get away with it, but once they know, then it becomes very personal.

And now i finally realize my main mission that i am to accomplish here is to put these sick fucks out of their misery. And now i am glad of it.

Lake of fire hell mark of the beast 666


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