Jewish Fables

22 May

May 22, 2016

In Matthew, Jesus tells His disciples that in the end days many will come in His Name and deceive many.

St. Matthew Chapter 24

4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Such as, i believe, the “Jesus Christ” in the book of revelation is a false Jesus. He gives out false information; therefore he has to be false. The real Jesus will never give out wrong information. Revelation has some strange anomalies that no other books in the Bible have. Such as, it says this is the revelation given from God to Jesus, to give to the angel, to give to John. Now that is not how God generally does things, for anybody who knows Scripture. Also, revelation contains a stern warning not to “change any of this book” or else they are going to get plagues. God does not say that in any of HIs books. That goes without saying. Plus this nonsense of carrying out some Jewish ritual, then the souls start coming out from under the altar so they start shoving the souls back under the altar. What? So more and more i believe that Revelation is false and so is the “jesus christ” who supposedly authored it. That does not mean there is no truth in it at all. ONe of the ways to make people believe your lies is to mix up truth with the lies. But again, this whole thing of one stooge told another stooge and poked him in the eye and told the other stooge a bunch of wrong information – i grow more and more suspect about the book of revelation, and the author. It’s starting to sound like Jewish fables and fantasies to me.

I told God i was amazed at how many people eat flesh and are going to go to hell. Heavenly Mother told me not to marvel at how many people are going to perish, but to be thankful that i am not one of them.


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