Eternal Suffering And Pain

22 May

May 22, 2016

I begin to see that when people don’t recognize their own Creator, and they turn against Him like a rabid dog, klling his children and eating His animals, God puts them down like rabid dogs. God tells us in Genesis that “surely He will require man’s life” for killing men and His animals, and He specifically said “Don’t eat my animals”. Now when God says that and people eat HIs animals, He has to destroy them, or else He would be making Himself a liar. That is not possible. God does not say “Maybe i will require their lifes” or “possibly I might”. He says “surely I will require”. When people read God’s word and do not believe, they are either calling God a liar, or else they are calling God’s word “BS”. This can lead to big problems. If you think God’s word telling you that you are going to end up in everlasting fire is BS, and you do the things He says not to do, then you are going to end up in everlasting fire. Because you did not believe. Jesus said He did not come here to destroy men, He came here to save men. Men destroy themselves. Jesus came here to save men from themselves. Men destroy themselves through sin, and through not listening to God when God comes to save them.

I have to say that i thought about Jesus returning to EArth, and it scares me. How can i ever meet Jesus? I hope i am doing my best. What scares me is that i know that my former righteousness can’t save me. If i turn against my own brothers at any time then i would be guilty of not loving my brothers, and also face eternal destruction. The words of Jesus when He said those who say “Thou fool!” are in danger of hell fire come back to me. But i also begin to see that life is a picnic here on EArth, compared to what it could be. And what it surely would have been, if not for God saving me. It’s a different perspective.

Now we know the punishment for eating flesh is Eternal Dying. NOt Eternal Death, because you never die, you just keep on dying, for ever.Burning to death forever. First they will burn for fifty million years. Then they will burn another fifty million years after that. Then they will repeat that, fifty million times, over and over, and keep repeating. I don’t have to die and go to hell to tell my brethrens not to go there. I tell you now, Brethrens, do not go there! But we can see that even though this is the punishment for eating flesh, some people willingly choose it for themselves. People don’t believe in God, or they don’t believe His word is True, and they end up in eternal fire. There is a heavy penalty for disbelief. There is a heavy penalty for not knowing your own Creator. That’s what happened in Sodom. Those people laughed and said “God’s word is BS” and the next thing they knew they were burning alive forever.

The lion shall lie down with the lamb in Heaven. What about some guy who goes to HEaven and says “Hey Jesus, i used to be a cook on EArth. Do you want me to slaughter that lamb and gut it out for lunch? It sure looks tasty to me!” They would get cast out of Heaven faster than lightning. What about some people who had a craving for meat and could not live without meat, like zombies? Those people would never, ever be allowed into HEaven. It’s Satan who teaches people to kill and eat God’s animals, and those people go with Satan to everlasting fire. They eat from the devils’ table, not the Lords Table. They will not be allowed to sit at the Lord’s Table. They won’t be allowed into His House. God is going to destroy all of them, whether if they believe His word is True, or not.

So it’s good news for all! Satan, zero points; Jesus, infinity points! Hurray! The scoreboard is still going up! Jesus wins by a total knockout landslide! But one thing about losers is of course, they lose, but they hate losing. They hate it, and so they always try to get even when they lose. What will Satans douchebags do when they lose, go around and make monkey noises? Or worse yet, act like chickens and make chicken noises? LOL! What a bunch of losers! Satans douchebags don’t stand a chance against God. Even worse than a rabid dog is a dog that hates it’s own Master. People are very foolish. They are like “Hey, look at me! I’m going against God!” What can you say ? “See ya”? No, because you will never see them again. But again we know the losers by their fruit – they lose. That’s how we know them.

Sometimes i get angry when dealing with douchebags and people who hurt children, especially. For example, if i think about some jet fighter pilots who go and bomb some hospitals and apartment buildings and kill and wound children and babies. They fly off to safety, and get together and give each other high fives and congratulate each other on killing those babies.. They might say to another “Did you see that little baby girl running out there with her arm blown off, crying for it’s mom that i killed! Wasn’t that great! Give me a medal! Let’s reload and go kill some more babies! Yeehaw, because we’re the best in the world!” That kind of shit pisses me off, and i get to feeling like puking when i think about such things. And i am not speaking figuratively. These people make me sick. Now how can they be saved? If they go and bomb a thousand babies at once in a hospital, how can they ever be saved? Well, if they can’t be saved, no one can be saved. But they have to stop, of course. If they don’t stop sinning then they will not be saved. Because they are still sinners and refuse to obey God, even under penalty of Eternal Dying. So they can choose whichever they want, just like all the rest of us.

I wondered about people who bomb and kill thousands of people, if they can be saved. And Heavenly Mother made me realize if they can’t be saved, then no one could, because we are all sinners. And She told me that “All’s well that Ends well”.


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