Hollow Point To The Eye

21 May

May 20, 2016

A couple years ago when i used to also teach God’s commandments, don’t eat flesh, some people used to come up to me when they were eating meat. I had a few different people come up to me with a big moutfhful of shit, and with their mouth full try and talk, and food was all falling out and stuff, and they would say “Look, i’m eating meat”. If people want to burn alive forever, go ahead. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I can’t help it if people are that *)*&)*&( stupid. I thought maybe i could check back with those folks in about a million years and see how that eating meat is working out for them. But i know what will be happening to them a million years from now. I can see a million years into the future. It’s the same thing they are going to be doing for a few billion years, just for starters.

Some people might think they will go to Heaven for some “judgment day”, but that is false doctrine. Jesus did not teach that. People might think they will disobey God, but after they die, they will somehow receive a “second chance”. Jesus never said the disobedient would be given a “second chance”. That is also completely false doctrine. What are people going to say to God “Why don’t you give me another life and see if i obey you in this one?” No. God is not going to keep giving people lifes to see if they will finally obey. God gives people one life, and He sees all He needs to know in that one life time. If people don’t obey God in one life, they are not going to obey Him in the next. They are still the same. People get one life to live and what they do during their life will determine where they spend Eternity. There’s no more Earths, and no more second and third chances. It’s over. Now it’s time to reap what you have sown.

It’s not hard to get into Heaven, it’s very easy. Love God and love your neighbors, including helpless innocent animals. People might eat flesh and say that they want to go to Heaven. First of all, they don’t love God, because they disobeyed Him. Second of all, they don’t love their animal neighbors. Third of all, they are eating flesh, which is an abomination to God and expressly prohibited. I could go on and on about how they are being cruel, and merciless, and compassionless, and on and on. Heaven is only for people who love God and their neighbors. There are no people walking around in Heaven hating the other people that are in Heaven. There are no people or animals being slaughtered in Heaven, ever. Neither are there people who slaughter animals and people in Heaven. Heaven is only for those who obey God’s commandments. How can you get in to Heaven if you disobey God? You can’t. People who disobey God aren’t going anywhere. They are going to burn. That’s it. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking you can disobey God and still enter Heaven. If that was the case, we wouldn’t need the Bible, Jesus, Moses, or any of the prophets. We could all just run around and do whatever we wanted to do like monkeys.

Now that i threw out Revelation, there goes the whole “new earth and new heavens” myth and the thousand year realm, or whatever that was all about. That’s all nonsense. Jesus said God is God of the living. The people who died are not “dead” or “sleeping”, waiting for some non-existent “judgment day”. They are either in Heaven, since the day they died, or in hell, waiting for the destruction of the Earth. The only new Earth is going to be the lava ball Earth. I guess it’s going to be like a “second sun” in our universe, or something like that. A big molten ball of lava. The only new Heavens that i can think of is that people on the lava ball EArth might be able to actually see into Heaven, instead of seeing the stars and such. Some people say that hell is blackness, but according to Jesus, people in Hell can see the people in Heaven, and talk to them. I think it’s funny when i read some people’s interpretations of Lazarus. They think hell sounds too hot for them, so they say that Jesus was just speaking “figuratively”. They want hell to sound a little more comfortable than that. Surely they think, hell must be a comfortable place if they are going to live there forever. If they start preaching the Truth, the offering plate might be pretty empty, and people might stop going to their church.


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