Knife To The Kidney

20 May

May 20, 2016

The souls of those under the altar came out and started saying “Hey, WTH is going on around here? Can we get up yet?” and they told them, Get out of here, we”re not ready for you yet? This sounds pretty ridiculous. God has a much better perfect plan than what sounds like some kind of three stooges get together. Yes, He does, an i will tell you about it, a little later. I began to think of comparing “what Jesus teaches” to “what revelation teaches”, and there is quite a bit of disparity. How easy it would be to alter the entire message of the Bible just by adding your own book onto the end of it.

Now that the devil worshipers and meat eaters have found out their Final Destination, i bet they are scurrying around like rats trying to figure out how to get out of this one. Satan can’t get them out of trouble this time. Satan can’t get him ownself out of this one. But that is all part of God’s perfect plan. It’s really cool to see, and it’s very interesting watching it unfold. Very amazing, indeed.

Disobedient children always do what they are told not to do. If you tell the little problem child, don’t be mean to the cat, the disobedient child will still be mean to the cat. If you tell the disobedient child not to be mean to his sister, he will be mean to his sister. In fact, whatever you tell him not to do, he will do it, simply because you told him not to do it. Now i realize why Satan’s sissies are such dummies and so easy to defeat. They will do whatever you tell them not to do, no matter what it is. So God tells them “Don’t jump into the everlasting fire.” and they say “We do whatever we want and you can’t make us”. God says “OK” and they jump into the everlasting fire. The disobedient destroy themselves. The righteous go to Heaven. Jesus defeated Satan without even setting foot on the Earth. NOw the Satan worshipers have a New Master, Jesus. They got pwned.

So we don’t have to lift a finger to destroy the evil. They jump into the fire willingly. The righteous go to Heaven and everybody gets what they want! Hurray!

The evil people blaspheme God and Jesus on their TV. But God’s going to get the last laugh. Yes, He is. He’s going to melt their TV, and them with it.


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