The Second Death

19 May

May 19, 2016

Unfortunately, or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it, i now have a good idea of what hell is like. It’s worse than we can imagine. It’s more horrible than i thought before. Now i try to remember to give God thanks everyday for forgiving my sins, when i realize what God has saved me from.

Years ago i was smoking out with some friends in southern Oregon and they told me of an incident that happened to them. They were walking on the sidewalk at a major intersection in White City, i think it was, and they said right in front of them a car ran a red light and smashed into another car. The car was smashed badly and the people couldn’t get out. Then the car burst into flames, and my friends watched as the car burnt up and they said you could hear the people screaming, and you could hear their flesh sizzling. But the fire was so big no one could get near. Then they died. I think so. It’s horrible. A very disturbing thing to see.

Those people in the car burning up felt pain from the fire, which made them scream out, and then the fire killed them. Then their body was dead. NOw in hell, the spirits live in fire. They feel the pain of the fire, it’s killing them. They feel the pain of death, every second. Every minute, every day for eternity, they feel the pain of dying, but they never die. This is the second death. They die for eternity.

Since we can’t imagine how much pain it is or how long eternity is, it is unimaginable. It’s very horrible. I am very thankful to God for teaching me everything, and saving me from the horror of hell.

In my life i’ve been screwed over by just about everyone i can think of. Doctors, lawyers, preachers, you name it. The doctor tried to kill my daughter, i’m pretty sure. When i had my first daughter, we were very poor. We went to the hospital for the mothers pregnancy, and my girlfriend told me the doctor disapproved of me. She said the doctor made disparaging remarks about me, and called me “her consort”, as in a disgusting manner. Well after that, my daughter was born 8 weeks early, due to the negligence of the doctor. It was obvious. So my daughter was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where she was born and taken into the NICU for preemie babies. The hospital saved her life, and she spent many weeks in intensive care for babies until she could come home. When she did come home, she had to be on a heart monitor, because she might suddenly stop breating and die, so she had to lay in her crib with wires and little pads all taped onto her and such. She had to have huge needles stuck in her when she was only 4 pounds. After my daughter came home finally we contacted a lawyer who always ran a personal injury ad, no fee until judgment, etc. That lawyer contacted OHSU and OHSU examined the medical records and they gave that lawyer a letter saying that the doctor was definitely negligent in caring for my daughter during pregnancy. A few weeks after that, that lawyer contacted me and said that somebody he knew went to school years ago with that doctor, or something like that, and so there was a conflict of interest, so he could not represent us. But he sent me a bill for $750 for the letter from OHSU. I wrote him back and told him to shove his bill up his a$$ and i threatened to contact the bar association and report him for crooked dealings. So he probably got paid off by the doctor, not to take the case. Later the mother went to the hospital to see how much the bill was for so many weeks of being in neonatal intensive care unit and doctors fees at $300/hour and up, and somehow, there was no bill at all. The bill was wiped out, or someone paid it. So i have had people try to kill my babies, even. But still, i don’t hate anybody. I think of it kind of like when i was a kid growing up in a family of 8 kids and being pretty small. My brothers and sisters might be mean to me and do ornery things to me, and there may be times when we don’t get along, but i never hated them. That’s pretty much the same way i feel about everyone else. Sometimes they do mean things to me, and sometimes they are nice, but no matter what, i never hated anyone.

It’s just like when we were kids. All the obedient children get to go on a field trip! Hurray! But all the disobedient children aren’t going anywhere. They are going to stay right where they are. Some people might think that after they die they will go see God, and somehow, God will save them, no matter what they have done. This is very false. If you reject God in this world, what makes you think that He wants to see you in the next world? He doesn’t. You already rejected HIm. There’s no need for you to see Him. Now i understand Jesus’s words in the Gospel of Thomas when Jesus said to “seek out God in this world, lest you want to see Him in the next world, and can’t.”

Jesus said “Blessed are ye when men revile and hate you for My Name’s sake”. This is a blessing from God, when men hate you and do mean things to you. People think that being blessed by God means having money and stuff like that, but it’s not. It means suffering somewhat. Americans are people who believe that they can kill their own babies, and bomb and kill babies, children, women, pregnant women, innocent people, for no reason at all, without mercy or compassion, and they will still go to Heaven. All the while eating flesh. These are all things that God said NOT to do. If you do these things you will NOT go to Heaven. Jesus tells us that who goes to Heaven – “Only those who do the will of the Father.” And no others. If people do not do the will of God, they will not enter Heaven. Period. Make no mistake about it.

God invited you to Heaven, and you don’t love Him enough to follow the Rules to go there? God told you how to go there, and you don’t care? I don’t know if people can be saved, because so many people don’t love their brothers, they hate their brothers. They think it is their right to kill animals and people. Maybe now we can begin to see why so few will be saved. As in the days of Noe.

Before i used to wonder why was the thief on the cross saved. He didn’t seem to do anything. But now we can see that even though he might have got caught stealing, the thief loved God and his brothers. He cared about Jesus, and he loved God too. He was righteous. And so he went to Heaven the very same day he died. Not three days later, not a thousand years later. That very same day. I think when people go to hell they also go there the “very same day” they die. Imagine, the souls of the damned, kept beneath us in the sewer of the EArth, waiting for the Earth to be destroyed, and them with it.

I can easily understand why God destroys the disobedient. He doesn’t want them in Heaven. Let’s say you created a little Chuckie doll, and you told the chuckie doll it could come live with you if he followed the rules. But if you came home and the chuckie doll killed and ate your pets and was raping your daughter, you wouldn’t invite it into your home either. No, you would kill it.


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