Welcome To Hell. You’re Standing In It

18 May

May 17, 2016

I had the notion before that Satan is stuck here on Earth. Satan cannot leave. Satan is a spirit, and his spirit is stuck here on Earth. There is no where for Satan to go. He can’t go to Mars or Venus or the Pleaidies, because those are just lights, they aren’t real places. Satan cannot go to Heaven either. His spirit could not go to Heaven even if he wanted to. And believe me, Satan knows what is going to happen to him and he does wish he could go to Heaven. But more and more i begin to think that the Earth we are standing on is going to be hell. I think the Earth may turn into a molten ball of lava, and all the spirits who are not evacuated by God and taken to Heaven will spend Eternity burning on Earth. Because their spirits will be stuck here. Unable to go to Heaven, they are stuck on the ground. And that’s the thing about pigs. They don’t fly, haven’t you noticed. They fry.


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