Ho Hum Another Day In Hot Air Balloon Land

18 May

May 17, 2016

I’m starting to think that the huge methane cloud formations are created by men, not by cows, as the scientists say. Between Nasa, false flags, college, etc etc, i don’t think cows put out one percent of the BS that men do. Before i prayed to God that if i had a voice i could use it for people who have no voice. And so God answered my prayer. Some people may hesitate, and may put off making their decision until later. They are assuming that if they reject God’s offer, He will not withdraw it. He who hesitates is lost. But it’s also better to be late than never. But is that a gamble you’re willing to take? REally? Come on! Some might say that will never happen. But as the old saying goes – when pigs fry.

Some people might ask me how do i communicate with God. Well i can’t really describe it, other than to say i follow my intuitions and conscience. NOw i thought of a new way to describe it. It’s like following my notions. I don’t sit around and think “What will i do next?” I sit around and think and then i have a notion that i will go do something on some unknown future day. That sounds like fun! Then one unknown future day, i find out this is the day to do that project i thought about before. That’s about all i can think of to say about that. Sometimes i think i might have died and now i’m in hell, or something like that.

I think i mentioned before that God’s voice had gotten fainter since i first started talking with God. Since then most of my communication is not by hearing God’s voice per se, but following my notions and receiving understanding without hearing God’s voice. ON occasion i do, faintly. Ever faintly but ever present. So now mostly we have unspoken communication. Silenter but also more clear. Sometimes like receiving data packets.

In 2013 God spoke to me and started giving me lots of understanding. As soon as God spoke to me, i remembered Her from when i was a child. Back then i had no concept that God was a Man, i only knew God was Earth Mother, as i knew Her then. She teaches me everything. But interesting to note that as a small child i grew up in foster homes since i was age 3 or 4 with my seven siblings, me being third youngest. And i remember hearing my sisters talking about my brother, or something like that, because my brother had been talking about Earth Mother. So i was not the only person Earth Mother talked to. Other people knew Her too. But as i got older, i forgot. They would punish us for talking about Her, because they were heathens.


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