You Must Have This Much Compassion To Enter Herein

17 May

May 17, 2016

I understand things better and better. God has blessed me exceedingly. Without understanding, it’s like looking at things blurry, and dark. But with understanding we can see clearly. I understand now why people who eat flesh will not be going to Heaven. God tells us this in Genesis. But now i can explain it. People who still eat meat after being told that God asks them not to are the little babies who grabbed the kitten by the neck, but did not learn their lesson. They were told No No, it’s mean to hurt animals, but they don’t care. They continue to hurt animals.

As we said about rats, there are exceptions to not killing animals. For example if you have a dog and it acquires a taste for your livestock and won’t stop killing and eating them, you are going to put that dog down. Problem solved. If a predator comes in your yard and threatens your family and pets, you shoot it and kill it. Even though the dog may be a protected species, if it turns mean and kills others, it gets put down. That’s the same way with people. If people kill and eat God’s livestock and won’t stop, then He’s going to put them down. God’s going to take all those people who kill others and hurt others, and kill them. That’s the only way they will stop.

We can see that people who eat animals know that it hurts them and killing them and farming them in inhumane conditions is cruel behavior. When you kill animals, they cry out in fear and pain. However, people who eat animals, they don’t care that it hurts animals. They have no compassion for animals. They don’t love the animals. These folks don’t care that animals suffer, and hurt, and cry. These folks don’t care that God loves His animals. These folks don’t care that God asked man not to eat His animals. These people don’t care that God said “No Heaven for you if you kill and eat flesh”. They do it anyway. Why? Because it tastes good to them. They like to eat it. They don’t care about anyone else or anything else, only what they want, and what they like. They will torture and kill animals, just because it tastes good to them. How much more selfish can you get? They don’t love God, and they don’t love their neighbors. They don’t love animals. The ;greatest thing of all is Love. And if people don’t love God or their fellow man or animals, then they will not be going to Heaven. If people have not love for their fellow man or animals and can’t be changed then they are defective, and non-repairable and they will be destroyed. God does not make junk and He doesn’t tolerate people who harm others.

It seems that understanding flows like a river. A river of Life.

Although Revelation is totally bad doctrine and false teachings, i believe there are some truths still to be found in there. God says Himself that “No man has ever seen Heaven”, and so when an author of a book says that he has seen HEaven, then we know he’s lying. Another thing is that animals only need two eyes. There are no animals that God created that has more than two eyes, generally. So i think the creature in Revelation with 58 hundred eyes or whatever was not created by God. But some truth may be found. Such as Satan knew his time was short, and so he waged war against those who keep God’s commandments and have the testimony of Jesus. Well, animals keep the commandments of God, and animals love God too. Love is a two-way street. So it appears that Satan is waging war against all God’s creatures, not just humans. Because animals are God’s creations just like humans are. All God’s creations deserve respect and compassion. People who don’t love God and His creatures and harm them will not be going to HEaven. Period. It’s really quite simple to understand.


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